Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A bit of change

Having been away from this corner of the internet for almost six months (which was definitely not intentional) a lot of things have changed...

I've just moved back home to Suffolk from London having decided that the job I was in just wasn't 'me' and I'm now deciding what I do want to do. It was really tough to make the decision and walk away from a lovely flat and paid job that a lot of people would want (who probably think I am mad) but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and I think it has been the right thing.

This blog for me has always been a chance to document my interests and in the past six months I just haven't been in the right place to do so. I've missed it so much and think with this fresh start it is the perfect opportunity to get this up and running again. I've been getting into beauty a lot more so I'm looking forward to writing about that more and getting my creativity up and running again.

So keep your eyes peeled and there will be a new post in a couple of days!