Friday, 29 March 2013

New ASOS Mac "I know I caught your eye because you darling, you caught mine"

This is my latest (very cheeky) addition to my wardrobe. When were running their 25% student discount off at ASOS last week I couldn't resist this beauty. I've been wanting a mac for ages but the ones I had seen in the shops weren't quite what I was after.

Hopefully I look a bit more professional in this than my trusty Barbour! I'll be using this as my smart coat now (whilst pretending that I'm Audrey Hepburn in her famous mac). If your after a Mac too I'd really recommend this one- great quality, and a nice tailored fit.

Do you have a trusty mac?

Scarf: Vintage
Leopard flats: Primark
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Korres: Lip Butters

Hey there...remember me?! The last few weeks of being taught for my undergraduate life are about to end. I'm spending most of my days cooped up writing my dissertation so blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. But I thought I would make a little re-appearance to share with you all how amazing the Korres lip butter range is. 

Now we all know the weather lately hasn't been amazing, I'm talking wind, rain, snow, sleet- everything. So my poor old lips when I have ventured out of the house (either to the library or food shopping) they have taken a bit of a battering. This is where the Korres lip butters come in!

They are described as "A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny tinted finish. The combination of shea butter and rice wax offers deep hydration and softness" which I think is pretty spot on. You can find the lip butter pots here for £6 of £7 which I think is really reasonable considering how hydrating they are. What I also really like is the tint of colour they give. I tend to wear 'quince' in the day- a pinky shade and then 'plum' in the evening which unsurprisingly is a plum shade!

Regarding staying power I only have to re-apply every three hours or so which is pretty good. Overall I would really recommend these as they are a reasonable price, have a gorgeous subtle scent, offer a healthy bit of colour for the lips without being as vibrant as a lipstick and really do the job well!

Have you tried any of the Korres lip butters or have a holy grail lip balm?


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dreamy outfit wishlists- competition

The generous chaps over at are running a competiton to win £1000 towards your dream spring/summer wardrobe by designing 3 outfits in the categories: party, casual and beach/holiday under a £200 budget. I thought it would definitely be worth a go so a few hours later (this girl can browse online until her heart's content) and VOILA here is my entry...

Party Outfit: 1) Playsuit: Miss Selfridge £45 2) Platforms: Topshop £60 3) Necklace: Zara £19.99 
4) Nail varnish: ASOS £4.50  5) Clutch: Zara £59.99
Total: £189.48

With my uni's summerball line-up due to be released very soon it's been playing on my mind what I would like to wear to it and this was what I came up with- I adore the floaty but sophisticated playsuit and would help make me stand out from the rest of the crowd in dresses a little. Teamed with some tanned legs (a girl can live in hope...) I chose nude platforms and a clutch to hopefully highlight that tan and keep the look elegent but still young. With a pop of colour on the nails and the statement beaded necklace I think anyone would look the bee's knee's in this outfit.

Casual Outfit: 1) T-Shirt: Miss Selfridge £12 2) Bag: Zara £39.99 
3) Blazer: H+M £29.99 4) Denim shorts: Topshop £22  
5) Lipstick: Nars (via ASOS) £18.50  6) Bracelet: Urban Outfitters £6 7) Shoes: Zara £29.99
Total: 158.47

As soon as I saw this blazer I knew I had to create my 'casual' outfit around it- its so nice and a steal at £29.99 too. With such a statement blazer I figured it was best to keep the t-shirt and bottoms simple- a baggy grey tee from Miss. Selfridge with Topshop denim shorts. Until it gets warmer I'd wear tights under the shorts. The Zara handbag oozes sophistication whilst the pumps keep the look young and a bit cheeky. With the elephant bracelet and a burst of colour on the lips and your good to go!

Beach/Holiday Outfit: 1) Dress: Topshop £75 2) Hat: ASOS £15 3) Sunglasses: Whistles £45
4) Sandals: Zara £19.99 5) Disposable Camera: Boots £7 6) Bikini Top: New Look £12.99 
7) Bikini Bottoms: New Look £7.99
Total: £182.97

This bikini top and bottoms are a steal from New Look coming in at under £21 for the pair, which left me plenty of pennies to spend on the gorgeous floppy wide-brimmed hat and Whistles sunglasses and pretend I'm Audrey Hepburn behind them because no one wants sun damage. A laid back dip-dye dress from Topshop and the lovely Zara sandals to throw on whilst getting ice-creams complete the look. And of course no holiday is complete without a disposable camera to snap all those memories..

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Insta-life #1

February was a very busy but equally good month! Just compiled some of my instagram snaps to document the last month.

1) I managed to get back home last weekend and we celebrated my Grandma's birthday. My sister had made this cake for her, complete with Parrots as she loves birds.

2) Tried to get a photo of my dog Mallon and me, he wasn't too keen on sitting still though! He's such a cutie with the nicest personality, we've had him for about 6 years and got him from the RSPCA.

3) Posy self-shot in my new Zara top.

4) I finally branched into the ombre trend and did my hair with the L'oreal wild ombre kit, I took this the day after I had done it but it has faded so quickly in just over a week- bit disappointing!

5) Spring is definitely on its way and I couldn't resist these daffodils in Marks and Spencer the other week- they brightened up my desk and my mood whilst I was essay writing.

6) Reiss and Me on Valentine's Day before our yummy night in with Waitrose food.

7) Trevi Fountain in Rome, we were determined to not leave Rome without seeing the fountain. Such a gorgeous monument.

8) Annaliese, Georgia and Victoria- the gorgeous girls I went to Rome with and me before our last evening out for dinner.

9) The Sistine Chapel, so pleased to have finally seen the paintings. Interestingly two days after we left Rome the Pope resigned... coincidence?!

Let me know if you've done an instagram post recently and feel free to follow me on instagram- racheleprior