Saturday, 30 June 2012

"Keen, wide-eyed and unassuming"

T-shirt: H+M  Trousers: ASOS  Necklace: Topshop

This has been such a crazy week so excuse me for my blogging absence! But in-between my work experience, getting my second year uni results (woohoo 2:1) and waitressing I managed to slip in a cheeky bit of internet shopping in and to my excitement saw that ASOS are having a sale at the moment.

I snapped up these jeans from their sale (for a bargain of £15) with such a cute green flower print (a nice toe-dip into the printed trouser trend I thought!) due to the boldness of the print they only need to be teamed with a plain top.

Normally I am completely useless at online sales, by the time I decide on something I like it will of sold out in my size so I was very happy to get my hands on such a bargain that I couldn't wait to wear. Also this is probably one of the very few times you will see me with my hair tied up!

Has anyone else found anything in the ASOS sale that they like // have bought? xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

"Do you want to go to the seaside?" My holiday in Devon

Here is part two of my holiday last week:
After seeing the sights of Bath me and my boyfriend began the rest of our time away. We caught the train from Bath Spa station (changing at Bristol) down to Exeter, then getting a connecting one taking us out to the coast. Got to admit with it raining most of the journey and with a rubbish forecast we hadn't got our hopes up much about the weather!

Despite the changeable weather we kept ourselves really busy with numerous cream teas (Reiss is still a newbie, having never had them before last year :o ) lots of trips down to the sea in the evenings which was about a five minute walk, a trip to Exeter shopping, bike ride along the river and visiting other nearby towns.

Our last day was particularly special as we went quite a distance to get there (about an hour and a half on tiny twisty Devon roads) but the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We went to Salcombe.. A gorgeous seaside town, with a harbour one side and beaches the other and a cute highstreet and also where the first Jack Wills shop was. Definitely a place where the rich and famous can feel at home with a two bedroom apartment setting you back about £1,500,000!!!

 Salcombe North Sands Beach
 Me on the rocks  The Vaccines T-shirt  H+M shorts  ASOS watch  Jack Wills sunglasses
 Reiss exploring on the rocks on the beach
 Beachy snap
Us sitting on the rocks over the sea= paradise
Looking back at the beach from the cliff road

As you can see I got quite snap happy in Salcombe but it really was a gorgeous place! Has anyone else been to Salcombe or Devon recently? xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Birthday in Bath

Hi everyone! I'm finally back after my week away, looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs and seeing what you have all been up to and posting about.

Last Tuesday was my 20th birthday and I went away with my boyfriend to Bath for a night before we went on to Devon for the main part of our holiday (post about Devon to be following this!). I had the most amazing day, we hadn't visited Bath before so it was great to be exploring somewhere new. Our hotel was situated right in the heart of the city which was a real bonus. The architecture was stunning and I couldn't resist taking loads of photos-

 Me with Pulteney Bridge in the distance //  Jacket: Topshop  Hoodie: American Apparel  Blouse and Hair clip: H+M
 Our hotel
 Pulteney Bridge again
 The Royal Crescent
 Hot air balloon taking off
Reiss and I outside the Roman Baths
Outfit of the second day- Dress: H+M  Bag: Urban Outfitters  Belt and Shoes: Primark

There was so much to see but our highlights were the Royal Crescent which looked gorgeous in the sunshine, the Roman Baths (guess I'm biased as a Classics student!!), Victoria Park and the gorgeous streets lined with shops. It really was an amzing place! We had dinner at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant and had the most delicious prawn linguine.

If any of you have been to Bath I'd love to know where your favourite places there are!

I would definitely visit Bath again and what with it only being 80 minutes by train from London it's pretty easy and quick to get there! Also I thought I would share with you some of my presents I got for my birthday-

Jack Wills sunglasses, Topshop glitter nail varnish, bath bomb, chocolates, Mark Hill hair care, itunes voucher, Biba purse, Clinique foundation, Urban Outfitters handbag (would anyone like to see me do a vlog about some of these?) xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Birthday time....

Today was spent beginning my birthday celebrations for my 20th which is on Tuesday (more on that in a sec!) I went out for a little lunch with my family on the Pier at Southwold a seaside town about 30 minutes from where I live. Followed by afternoon tea at my grandparents' house.

Now if you look really closely you can see that beneath the 'Happy Birthday' (iced on rather badly by yours truly) it says Diamond Jubilee - because this is actually meant to be a Jubilee cake! We bought it from Sainsbury's to be my birthday cake as the crown and bunting were just too cute to resist. Plus my birthday is only a day after the Queens! Adding on a little icing made it slightly more personal. 

Below- Mummy P, Me and Granny
         - The Southwold Pier sign
         - Cake and me 

Anyway the reason for starting the birthday celebrations early is because on the actual day on Tuesday I'm off to Bath with my boyfriend Reiss and then on down to Devon so it made sense to celebrate with the family at the weekend. So excited for our little holiday although it does mean there will be a little break from blogging but I'll be sure to take lots of outfit pictures/touristy snaps and do lots of posts when I'm back to make up for it (fingers crossed everyone please for the weather to cheer up a bit!).

How do all of you normally celebrate your birthdays?

Now I'm off to pack, any tips on how to cater for all weathers without taking my whole wardrobe?! xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What it means to be British

I have honestly been blown away by this weekend, despite the weather not being the best we Brits all still put on a marvelous show of celebrating with dear old Liz her Diamond Jubilee. Being a self-confessed monarchist I've loved every minute of the celebrations- the rather soggy flotilla down the Thames, the Jubilee concert (#giverobbrydon/garybarlowaknighthood) and a poignant memorial service this morning.

Every-where up the length and breadth of the country we have been enjoying what it truly means to be British- our love for street parties, BBQs, cake, tea and uniting (oh heck I'm getting all soppy!). Today we had some friends over for a little party and I thought I would share with you some pictures from the day!

 The house with our bunting up!

 Inside the party tent avoiding the rain

Royal themed Brownies (spot the Corgi!)

Pimm's anyone?

Also was it just me or did anyone else get the hairs on the back of their necks stand up when Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band sang 'sing' seriously amazing moment.

How have you all been spending the Jubilee? xxx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My week....

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend and fingers crossed the weather hasn't ruined your plans too much! It's been a funny old week for me- working at the beginning of it and then coming back to uni on Wednesday.

As all of my friends had finally finished their exams I decided to head back to Canterbury to celebrate with everyone the end of our second year before we all head back to our homes all over the country. I also came back to pack up my room and tidy the house I've been renting with my friends Alice & Tom, we were e-mailed a 6 page list of what required cleaning!!! It's definitely safe to say I am sick of the smell of cleaning products! Has anyone else had to do such a deep-clean for their house?! My stuff has finally all been packed and is waiting in a large heap for my Dad to come and pick me up tomorrow. It's really sad to think I'm not going to be here for almost 3 months!

Anyway, here are a few snaps of my week-

1) Left pic- This is my friend Zoe and I before we headed out on Wednesday night (and the return of my favorite denim shorts!)

2) Top right pic- On my way back to Canterbury on Wednesday I was passing through Stratford Westfield going past the Samsung shop when I saw loads of people in one corner of the shop so being the nosy parker I am I went in to see what they were all doing...and then who should walk out to advertise the launch of the new Samsung phone but PIXIE LOTT.... I was completely amazed and quickly got my phone out to take a picture of her (she looked even more gorgeous in real life, the pic doesn't do her justice) also her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire (model and complete hottie) was peeking out from behind the scenes! Very surreal moment for a wednesday afternoon, my boyfriend was very jealous when I told him I'd seen Pixie!

3) Bottom right pic- Sadly I didn't make these beauties but I couldn't resist showing them to you all, aren't they so cute?! I saw them on a website called Baking Mad who had lots of different cake ideas for the jubilee weekend. I am loving the patriotic atmosphere in England at the moment and Union Jacks appearing on everything, sadly I missed a Jubilee Street Party in my village yesterday but apparently it was really good. How are you all spending the Jubilee?

Anyway that's it from me for now, and I just wanted to share with you all this awesome track 'No Hope' that has been released from the Vaccines new album 'The Vaccines come of age'- I can't wait for it to come out!