Sunday, 3 June 2012

My week....

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend and fingers crossed the weather hasn't ruined your plans too much! It's been a funny old week for me- working at the beginning of it and then coming back to uni on Wednesday.

As all of my friends had finally finished their exams I decided to head back to Canterbury to celebrate with everyone the end of our second year before we all head back to our homes all over the country. I also came back to pack up my room and tidy the house I've been renting with my friends Alice & Tom, we were e-mailed a 6 page list of what required cleaning!!! It's definitely safe to say I am sick of the smell of cleaning products! Has anyone else had to do such a deep-clean for their house?! My stuff has finally all been packed and is waiting in a large heap for my Dad to come and pick me up tomorrow. It's really sad to think I'm not going to be here for almost 3 months!

Anyway, here are a few snaps of my week-

1) Left pic- This is my friend Zoe and I before we headed out on Wednesday night (and the return of my favorite denim shorts!)

2) Top right pic- On my way back to Canterbury on Wednesday I was passing through Stratford Westfield going past the Samsung shop when I saw loads of people in one corner of the shop so being the nosy parker I am I went in to see what they were all doing...and then who should walk out to advertise the launch of the new Samsung phone but PIXIE LOTT.... I was completely amazed and quickly got my phone out to take a picture of her (she looked even more gorgeous in real life, the pic doesn't do her justice) also her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire (model and complete hottie) was peeking out from behind the scenes! Very surreal moment for a wednesday afternoon, my boyfriend was very jealous when I told him I'd seen Pixie!

3) Bottom right pic- Sadly I didn't make these beauties but I couldn't resist showing them to you all, aren't they so cute?! I saw them on a website called Baking Mad who had lots of different cake ideas for the jubilee weekend. I am loving the patriotic atmosphere in England at the moment and Union Jacks appearing on everything, sadly I missed a Jubilee Street Party in my village yesterday but apparently it was really good. How are you all spending the Jubilee?

Anyway that's it from me for now, and I just wanted to share with you all this awesome track 'No Hope' that has been released from the Vaccines new album 'The Vaccines come of age'- I can't wait for it to come out!


  1. Can't believe you met pixie lott! So jealous.

  2. you look lovely in that photo! and i'm very jealous that you saw pixie lott, she's gorgeous! hope you've had a good weekend

    Julia xx

  3. Can't believe you saw Pixie...jealous! I've finished uni now, and can't believe I won't be going back in September! Lovely photo!

    Sophie x

  4. seems like you had a great week :) and I adore Pixie Lott. she's so beautiful! and you both are also so so pretty.
    wish I would have something from the jubliee weekend. :( So annoying to be not in england during this time. :(
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear! keep up the great work :))


  5. You have the longest legs! And aww those cakes are so cute - I was so proud to be British this weekend :)

    Ellen xx

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous, love your hair and shoes!
    Have a lovely summer! xxx

  7. How cool, I love Pixie Lott, her bf is a total hottie indeed!