Friday, 13 July 2012

£100 ASOS challenge!

After seeing lots of everyone else's posts about a £100 blogger challenge on ASOS and being inspired by lots of lovely looks that some of you made so I thought I would collate my own 'dream' outfit with an imaginary £100.

I have been lusting over this dress for the past week so it HAD to be at the center of the whole outfit. At £45 it eats into the £100 quite a lot but it's so lovely I just can resist it. The daisy's at the top half of the dress are made out of tiny little sequins..dreamy!!

As the dress is so pretty and quite simplistic I didn't want to ruin it with excessive accessories or bright shoes etc so I thought these pretty ballet flats were perfect as they are dainty and suit the dress.

Next I found the watch and the bag. I love the brown leather strap on the watch and the musical notes make a great background to the watch-hands. As the funds were quite low by the time I came to find a bag a little shopper had to do, this still suits the outfit as quite a relaxed (I think it would be perfect for a day sight-seeing/exploring a city).

So did I keep it under £100?

Dress: £45
Ballet Flats: £20
Watch: £20
Bag: £12

Total: £97 !!

Leaving the grand total of £3 change, just enough to buy this months issue of Company and a choccy bar.

What do you all think of my picks? 


  1. I love that watch and the dress is so pretty! Good luck:) x x

    1. Thank you! I'm so torn whether to actually buy it or not :s xx

  2. Cute combo m'dear, love the illustrated shopper bag immensely! x

  3. The dress is SO pretty and the flats are lovely and classic :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. So gorgeous! Not so great for all the rain at the moment though.. xx

  4. I'm in need of doing this. Love the look

  5. that dress is so pretty, but I think I'm mainly lusting after the watch! Also a shame you couldn't make it to Latitude this year, maybe 2013? thank you for your lovely comments! <3

    // xx

  6. i LOVE it!!!! This is the sort of outfit I would choose. The dress is beautiful x

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