Sunday, 2 December 2012

Crucial attire for any girl from/visting/or near the countryside

It suddenly occurred to me that despite my countryside upbringing and spending my time away from uni surrounded by fields and farms that I hadn't shared with you all a crucial part of my wardrobe when I'm home- my wellies!! These are from Joules about 3 years ago and I still love them- it's print of mini labradors is gorgeous (having one myself I guess makes me biased) and has a dark green background. I team my wellies with these fluffy socks which are also from Joules, think having a fleecy blanket but round your tootises! 

Joules is definitely a popular brand out in the countryside- with two of their shops only about 30 minutes away they are pretty accessible. I've collated together a few pieces in-case anyone is in need of some wellies or these gorgeous fox and deer print jumpers. I've got my eye on this waxed cotton jacket which would be perfect for this super chilly weather. Their womens coats are all really nice!

Crucial attire for a girl from the countryside


  1. Super cute! I love wellies! :) The print of yours is great! New follower on GFC and Bloglovin :)

  2. I love joules, especially their wellies! I've got the ones with dogs on! Sophie xx

  3. Joules has such lovely items, that fox jumper is perfect <3

    // xx

  4. I really like the jumpers :)! I hadn't heard of this make before but it looks great :)

  5. My Wellies are a staple too! In our block of flats I am known as wellie girl... could be worse I guess...!

    Emma x

  6. i LOVE the wellies from joules, so cute! i really like the jumpers too xx