Sunday, 28 October 2012

'Just what I've never wanted!' Present buying nightmares solved!

A slightly different post from me today! For most of us buying presents for other people can be a bit of a headache- you had thought of something awesome that they really needed a few months back but now Christmas is getting closer you can't for the life of you remember what it was and your amazing 'subtle' ways of trying to find out what they would like are getting no-where.....

I think this nightmare of buying presents is about a thousand times worse for guys- present buying seems to make them crumble at the knees and often they will just resort to the good old gift-card (not romantic OR thoughtful boys!). This is where Ask Her come in- they get your boyfriend, partner, brother, uncle etc to put in a few bits of information about you and it cleverly suggests things in their budget that women will like!

First step- who is the present for? They choose if you are their wife etc etc and then move on to what your price range is- this is so flexible and ranges from below £10 to over £250 so there really is no excuse! At this point they can choose if that is all they know about you and can let the website do the rest.........BUT if you know more about the special lady your looking for you can answer four further questions including what style of outfits she wears and what her perfect free Saturday would consist of.

So I decided to test the website and got my boyfriend to put in information about myself to the questions it was asking him to see if it would come up with presents that I would like and reflect my interests- the verdict?

Not bad at all! Here are three of the twelve suggestions it came up for me:

What I like about the suggestions is that they are often different to a 'typical' present, I think the cupcake decorating and chocolate martini taster day is such a good idea. Plus if your man thinks an item they have suggested is definitely not going to suit you they can remove it from the list and another shows up, if he instantly thinks it's the perfect present for you then he can go straight to the shop/website it then directs them to. OR if there are a few your man thinks would suit you he can add them to an 'advice list'- a sort of shortlist which he then (and here comes the technological tricky part) adds your friends to ask for their help and they know you the best.....friends can be asked in five different ways:
  1. He shares the advice list using Facebook
  2. He can get advice from his Twitter followers
  3. She can add her friends for herself
  4. He can send out a link himself
  5. Or he simply inputs her friends e-mail addresses and Ask Her send out an e-mail on your behalf.
Then they simply have to wait for the friends advice to come in (or he decides for himself).

I really recommend you have a look at Ask Her, test it for yourself and pass it on to your significant others as I think this is a brilliant (and accurate) creation just in time for the festive season!


  1. I am definitely referring all my guy friends to that website, some of their gift giving skill in the past have proved...inventive! Love your blog x

  2. This sounds like an amazing website! Great post :) x