Saturday, 24 November 2012

"If this is love, then love is easy"

Jumper: Woolovers
Scarf: Vintage
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Pumps: Primark

Incessant rain forced this photo of my outfit of the day to be taken indoors- lack of sunshine and lots of rain makes it look a bit gloomy! Now we are in late November I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you all my staple winter jumper- this cream cable knit woolly jumper I got last Christmas. I saw it when I was browsing through my Gran's mail order catalogue from the company 'Woolovers' (crazy word pun fun: wool-lovers or wool-overs?! You decide!) and decided this was far too cosy looking to ignore. So thats the back-story to this jumper. I teamed it with my burgundy jeans, my vintage scarf and pumps.

Spent this morning cosied up in Starbucks avoiding the rain and other soggy shoppers. The Canterbury Starbucks is right next to the cathedral and hosts some cosy corners. Reiss and I nabbed one of the best tables which looks out to the Cathedral. So happy to see the return of the red cups in there marking the beginning of the festive season. We actually get to graduate in the cathedral next summer so thats pretty exciting- it is stunning inside!

 Canterbury Cathedral looking a bit ominous

How have you spent your Saturday? Do you have a go-to winter jumper for rainy days like this?


  1. Cute pictures!


  2. Love the jumper looks so cosy. Great photos:)

  3. I love this jumper. I've been looking for one like this for ages and have just ended up with a drawer full of alternatives that aren't quite right. I'll definitely be having a look at woolovers for one now. I'm also choosing to think that it's wool overs, as a pun for pull overs. I think I like puns a bit too much!
    Great blog anyway :)
    Elise x