Sunday, 10 February 2013

ROMA! Part 1

After almost three years of studying and seeing the archaeological remains of Rome for my degree in books yet never actually seeing them for myself I decided it was time I finally went and visited the city that my subject focuses on so much. So three of my friends off my course and I ventured off to Rome on Wendesday for three nights. 

We had an absolutely incredible time- I've never been so excited to walk around a city not knowing which sight will be around the corner. Day 1 was spent exploring the Vatican City- wandering around the Vatican museum, going inside St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel and seeing the Ara Pacis.

Victoria, Georgia and I by the Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) this was created in 13 BC for the Emperor Augustus as a monument to perform sacrifices in.
Shirt: H+M
Skirt: Pull and Bear

St. Peter's Square and Basilica- so impressive and even bigger than I had imagined!

Incredible sculptures in the Vatican Museum

The overwhelmingly beautifully painted walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo- the wall shows the Last Judgement (it took 4 years to paint!!) whilst the ceiling shows 9 stories from the Book of Genesis. It is lit very dimly to preserve the paint and no flash on cameras is allowed hence the poor quality of the picture!

The girls and I with St. Peter's Square in the background- the odd choices of our bottom halves is due to having to cover our knees as a sign of respect in the Vatican- so we had to do a bit of improvising with scarves!!!

Inside St. Peter's Basilica- very difficult to get a picture that does the beauty of it justice. It is vast inside!!!

The infamous Roman gelato!

It is such an incredible place and despite the pervy-ness of the Italian men being annoying it didn't detract from the beauty of the city!

Have you been to Rome before?



  1. So so jealous that you saw the Ara Parcis! Did a lot on it in uni last year and was hoping to see it but didn't find it unfortunately :(
    Looks like you had a lovely time :) Rome really is amazing! x

  2. This looks gorgeous, I'd love to go to Rome one day :)
    Kaz x

  3. Oh wow looks like you had an amazing time! So jealous

  4. your photos make me want to go back to rome- so jealous! i loved the sistine chapel, the most amazing thing x

  5. Looks so beautiful! Super jealous of the gelato too haha! xx