Monday, 15 April 2013

"Morning white mist came across the plain, blue skies and rain"

Blouse and shoes: Primark. Jeans: Jack Wills. 

Finally a spot of sunshine! To celebrate I bought this cute blouse (which reminds me of a plate pattern, anyone else agree?!) and these shoes which I thought were a bit more exciting than the average pair of flats.

I'm enjoying being back at home for a while and relaxing before I need to start my revision for my exam next month. With a cheeky trip to London for the rest of the week on Wednesday I'll be sure to keep my camera on me and hopefully snap some more outfit photos.

Have you been enjoying the sunshine and being able to finally wear your spring clothes?



  1. So agree, my mom has a collection of plates like the pattern on the blouse and when we was in Primark I pointed out the resemblance.. it's a lovely blouse and looks lovely on you :) the shoes are great too! xx

  2. That blouse is so pretty, I love that pattern! Love the shoes too

    Julia xx

  3. Love the blouse! Definitely been enjoying the sunshine too :)

  4. What a beautiful blouse! Love it.

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