Monday, 20 February 2012

"Land of hope and glory"

What with us being in the midst of London Fashion Week, The Brits happening tomorrow (not forgetting pancake day too!) and the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations it seems quite fitting to do a slightly patriotic post!

I was a very excited girl indeed yesterday when I heard the news about Mulberry's launch of their latest bag the 'Del Rey' after Lana herself (she's not English but we'll let that one go as she's such a babe). It looks gorgeous and although its obviously out of my price range but a girl can dream!
Us Brits are renowned for our love of baking and I am definitely no exception to this, so at the end of last week I indulged in some baking of my own much to the delight of my house-mates and made a carrot cake, I didn't have any icing sugar so had to whisk up some cream instead still just as yummy though. I'm having slight withdrawal symptoms with the 'Great British Bake Off' not being on any more. Below is a pic of a cheeky slice of the cake!

Also in-keeping with the theme of London Fashion Week I thought I would put together a little wish-list of items from everyone's favourite British high-street shop- Topshop. Yes I admit it this was a bit of procrastination avoiding my uni work! What do you think of the pieces? I tried to select items from several different key trends. I know the skirt might be a bit too much for the daytime but I know anyone would struggle to not feel ultra feminine and princess-like whilst wearing this!
1) Feather print top £36
2) Deck shoes £45
3) Tea dress £36
4) Skirt £65
5) Lipstick in 'all about me' £8

So this post might have seemed a bit all over the place but I thought where better to conclude than with a bit of music from a Brit of our own, she might not be up for any awards for tomorrow night but M.I.A has certainly still been getting the headlines what with the controversy about her performance at the Superbowl in America earlier in the month. My house-mate played me the video a couple of weeks ago and I have not been able to stop listening to it since! She's a pretty cool lady! What are everyone else's views on it? xxxx


  1. Love that Topshop skirt! ...and the look of that cake too! Yum! xx