Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"Falling through lost spaces"

Shirt and skirt: Pull&Bear

After going home for the weekend and promptly coming down with sinusitis I haven't been feeling great to say the least but my sister took this of me before-hand in one of my favourite outfits. The skirt I'm wearing I have blogged about before. both the skirt and shirt are from Pull&Bear a really cute shop you can check their website out here and their shop in Westfield at Stratford is really worth a visit. Have any of you heard of it before/been there? Decided to put my hair up as well to make a bit of a change, I can't keep it up in a bun for too long due to the combination of my hair being long and thick it falls out quite quickly. Teamed with a bit of red lipstick too this outfit is definitely not one to wear if you want to be invisible!

Uni work has been mega crazy these past few weeks but have got some new posts up my sleeve. Also I thought from now on I would attach a song that I'm loving at the moment, I've chosen Ben Howard for this one as I cannot stop listening to him and he is not to shabby on the eyes either! What is everyone listening to at the moment?


  1. Cute outfit. My friends bought me a pull and bear dress for my birthday last year, it's really pretty and unique but I don't go there much myself, will have to visit the stratford store. xx

  2. Nice outfit! Check my bog and follow me if you want!

  3. have never heard of ben howard before, he sounds great... I love Adele at the moment... also love your outfit! x Marina

  4. Lovely outfit! Love Ben Howard, great artist. Great blog, defiantly worth a follow :)

    Ruth xxxx

  5. Gorgeous shirt, the red really suits you.
    Ahh.. Ben Howard, his music is so easy on the ears.