Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'I put my little shoes away'

After waiting patiently for a few weeks the boots I ordered from the next sale have finally arrived! (pair on the left on the above pic). They were £65 down to £30 so I couldn't resist and snapped them up. Next always seem to have a delay in getting their sale items sent out but I think they were definitely worth the wait. The small wedge heel gives them a bit of height and excitement. Don't even get me started on the fleece lining its so soft! 

The other pair in the picture are to replace my some other boots I bought from River Island at the beginning of the winter which started letting water up through the sole (even though there were no holes?!). With my trusty brogues (also from River Island) also about to break any day I was treated to these beauties whilst back home at the weekend. My Mum was adamant that I was not to get another pair from River Island so after much persuasion from her she took me to what she classed as a 'sensible' shoe shop- Clarks. I don't think I had been in to Clarks since I was about 10 and buying school shoes along with 100 other kids and their mothers fighting over just one or two shop assistants. BUT this was a totally different experience, when I visited it on a friday morning the shop was quiet and plenty of staff on hand and eager to help you find the right shoes. These boots were down from £79.99 to £69.99 so not bargain of the century but still a deal! Although my boyfriend has now called them my "army boots" they do the job of keeping out the water and cold  so I'm a happy customer!

Also here are a few pics I took over the weekend in the snow whilst back home, my dog Mallon didn't seem to understand sledges are to ride on not carry! Have any of you had much snow? I think we had about 4 inches! R xxx


  1. We had a fair bit of snow and did a bit of sledging myself! I love the Next boots they look very warm and cosy! xx


  2. Those Next boots are gorgeous, the lining looks lovely! There hasn't been any snow up here at all, I'm so jealous of everyones snowy pictures!

    Gillian x

  3. wow... look at all the snow there... that dog is just to adorable... love your hat and the pink jacket.... you look great! love your blog! Following you now!
    Greets from Ireland!
    xxx Marina