Thursday, 26 January 2012

A date with the rain

It seemed quite fitting that due to the horrible wet weather we have been having this week that it was time to crack out one of my new dresses which have a pattern of cutesy umbrellas and polka dots on. I got it from Forever 21 as I was passing through Stratford Westfield City from Stratford International Station to Stratford London (honestly the person that decided to put a shopping centre between two stations is a genius).

I didn't really know much about Forever 21 before I went in apart from it being from America and only having one other store over in England on Oxford Street (which I haven't visited). I was amazed how cheap the clothes were but still looked fabulous, were pretty on trend and feel like they are going to last you more than one outing which is more than can be said for some of my old Primark purchases.

Close-up of the pattern

What I really like about this dress is that its so versatile, I can wear it in the day up to uni teaming it with a belt, tights and brogues or dress it up if I'm going out in the evening with some wedges. The length is flattering as it makes your legs look longer......can you tell I'm a little bit in love with this dress?? Forever 21 is definitely one of my favourite shops now as they prove you can dress on-trend without having to spend a fortune! Have any of you visited either of their shops over here?

 R xxx


  1. Really cute dress, I was in that one too, it was the weekend after it first opened though so was a little hectic!

  2. i'm dying to get into forever 21! but it'll be a while, they should hurry up and put one in scotland! love the print of that dress, it's so cute xx

  3. I have a bit of an obsession with Forever 21, their website is so good! Love that they're so cheap as well. Very appropriate dress for the weather too.

  4. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Cute print on your dress! Would love you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll happily follow you back xoxo

  5. love the dress! I used to work at forever 21. always such great deals :)

  6. Love your dress you look lovely!