Thursday, 12 January 2012

Clinique trial

As someone who's beauty regime is minimalistic to say the least I decided that it might be time to get out of my bad habits and actually look after my skin a bit more.....

So I plucked up the courage to approach the scary make-up counter lady at Clinique (who actually turned out to be really lovely) and asked her what sort of thing I should be doing to look after my skin. After a thorough consultation she recommended I try their '3 step routine' which consists of a liquid facial soap that you apply first to remove your make-up (apparently make-up wipes actually rub make-up further into your pores than removing and cleaning.....who knew! or either she is a very convincing sales-woman!!). The next product to apply is the clarifying lotion that goes onto a cotton wool pad and then wiped around the face (this smells really good and you can feel it cleaning the skin as you apply it). Last in the process is the moisturising  gel which re-hydrates the skin. The '3-step' kit is available in four different types depending on skin type.

The make-up bag & my '3-step' kit

I bought the 3-step kit as it sounded like it really would do my skin a lot of good, I also bought some facial moisturiser which has sun protection in it (as apparently our lack of sunshine is still enough to cause damage) and I also got a FREE make-up bag with some mascara, eye cream, lip smoothie and eye shadow.

So am I satisfied? Well the woman was really helpful, she took the stress and confusion out of the process and was able to recommend just what I needed (as well as giving me some fab freebies). Apparently it take two weeks for the skin to start showing signs of improvement so I shall be keeping a close eye on it and reporting back!

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