Sunday, 4 March 2012

Clinique review

One of my first posts (click here) I did when I started this blog back in January was about my experience at a Clinique counter and buying some of their products. I bought the '3 step routine' which is unsurprisingly a 3 step treatment of facial soap, clarifying lotion and a cleanser and 'City block sheer' a facial moisturiser with SPF 25. The woman that gave me my consultation was adamant that the '3 step routine' would only last me 2 weeks as it was in the smallest size they did and what she called 'trial-run size' but two months later and I still have half of all the products left! 

After about a month into using the products I wasn't sure if they were actually working so I stopped the routine for a couple of days and instantly had a break-out! So I quickly started using them again. Whilst my skin isn't flawless now I am certain it is better than it was, the combination of the products (can't quite pin-point if there is one in particular that is better than the others) has given me smaller pores, less redness, and no more of the dreaded shine! 

(The '3 Step' products, excuse the rubbish quality! My camera is misbehaving at the moment)

As I had a non-existent beauty regime before I started using these Clinique products I must admit that it has been a lot easier than I was expecting to get into the routine of using the products daily. I have also got a lot stricter with myself in ensuring that I take off all of my eye-make up too before I go to bed (these Clinique products are quite strong and are not to be used on eyes!).

So if anyone is contemplating on what products work well for keeping a nice complexion and giving your face a healthy glow then I really recommend you try the Clinique '3 step' its so easy to go to a consultant desk in any department store (I recommend going to one in Debenhams as you can sign up to the beauty club card, I got 500 bonus points for my first purchase which is £5!). The Clinique consultants are really friendly and will be more than happy to tell you what skin type you are on their chart and which of the '3 steps' is perfect for you! 

Would love to know if any of you use the '3 step' too? Or any other Clinique products? Would love to get some recommendations!

Also here is my video for the post, thought that in-keeping with the whole face-care theme that 'Toothpaste Kisses' by The Maccabees was slightly relevant?! Plus they are an awesome band!


  1. I have the 3 step samples too havn't tried them yet as I am trying something else at the moment! Glad to hear they lasted you so long!

  2. I tried the three step but the step 2 dried out my skin too much - love the moisturiser though

  3. I love Clinique products, especially the lipsticks. I started doing the 3 steps after getting samples a couple years ago but then stopped because I started breaking out and I freaked out. :S

    I love this song, btw! :)

  4. ooo interesting :)
    I've never tried any of the clinique skin care products. I do like some of thier cosmetics though.

  5. Im not sure if i had clinique before...
    have a nice weekend =)