Sunday, 18 March 2012

Tea Dress and Scones

Dress: Republic (belt included), Leggings: Topshop, Boots: New Look

Happy Mothers' Day everyone! Have you all been spoiling your mummies? I love reading everyone's Sunday round-ups at the end of the week so I've decided to do my own too. This is me wearing my newest buy- a dress from Republic. I was feeling particularly stressed with uni work so went for a little shop in Canterbury to cheer myself up and I found this gem in Republic in the sale (£15 rather than £25!). It's now referred to by my sister as my 'Pocahontas' dress, but hey I love the film so I'm more than happy to work that look. The belt has some beads and feathers at the ends which adds a nice touch. This is going to go through into spring and summer with me as it also works without tights and leggings.

I said in my post last weekend that I was going to be in a play on wednesday, it went really well and everyone that came to watch said they enjoyed it (brownie points awarded to the boyfriend!). Don't know if anyone is familiar with ancient Greek plays but they tend to be pretty rude, so it was a good giggle! Below is a picture of me and some of the others that starred in the play in our costumes (I'm in the bottom right with a flower in my hair).

Yesterday I went with my Mum and sister to Aldeburgh (seaside town in Suffolk) or 'Chelsea by the sea' as locals refer to it as due to the amount of Londoners that have second homes there! The weather really wasn't great so we didn't even make it onto the beach and instead took shelter in a gorgeous tea room. It had a lovely vintage theme to it (with an amusing range of tea coseys available) and I had the most gorgeous cream tea. 

So all in all I've had a really good week, and I hope everyone else has too! Where are everyone's favourite seaside towns? xx

My sister and the tea coseys!


  1. That tea room looks really sweet. Glad your plsy went well, and I love your dress! What a bargain!

    Sophie x

  2. Lovely dress, it really suits you ! Gorgeous tea cosy's the little sheep one is adorable. Following you and your awsome blog (:

  3. beautiful dress! I really like your Outfit;)

  4. The dress is gorgeous! Glad the play went well! :) xx

  5. Gorgeous dress, love all the colours! Glad the play went well. I love little vintage tea rooms too! x

  6. That tea room sounds lovely, going out for lunch or afternoon tea is definitely my favourite part of a day trip!
    Your dress is gorgeous too, I love the print.

    Gillian x

  7. love the dress!

    view and follow?