Friday, 16 March 2012

Zebra crossing

After my first attempt at nail art I've been looking out for more inspiration ever since, I bought this 'Nail Rocks' kit from Topshop as the idea of being able to apply them with no glue seemed perfect for a lazy beauty addict like myself!
I'm back home in the countryside for the weekend and so decided to indulge in a bit of pamper with my sister. Here is how my nails turned out:
I really recommend these! There is no way I have a steady enough hand to have achieved this with just nail varnish...and the smoothness of the stickers means no bumps and I'm less likely to pick at them! Although you have to trim them to suit the length and width of your nails it isn't too much of a faff! With student discount these came to about £5.80 which I don't think is too bad for a special treat, it will be interesting to see how long these last for.

Has anyone else tried these nail wraps? Or any other similar products? Would love to get some recommendations! Also thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments on my last post, have read them all and it is definitely spurring me on to blog more! xxx


  1. It turned out so well! Love it! Now I need to find something like that.
    xx Brigita

  2. really cool nailpolish!

  3. I have lots of nails wraps but have never used them. Like you said a lot of faff and i'm lazy!

  4. They look great! Have you tried Rebel Nails? They have lots of choices on there too! I'm pretty useless with nail wraps. I always get "bubbles" and bumps in them, can never get them smooth. I prefer nail polish as I can do them in about 5 minutes, but nail wraps take me about half an hour! :( Esp the ones that need heat blast xxx

  5. I've tried them, and love how they look but I'm rubbsih at applying them!

    Sophie x

  6. People always seem a bit down on nail wraps so I'm never sure whether I should try them out. These look amazing though! Maybe I should give them a chance!

  7. Gorgeous nails, I love this design simple but perfectly excecuted.

  8. So, we're both called Rachel, we both spell it the 'proper' way ;) and we are both in our second year of university! Mad!
    Thanks for following, you're getting followed back, I love your blog! :) xxx