Thursday, 29 March 2012

"Primadonna life the rise and fall"

Playsuit: TK Maxx//Watch: ASOS//Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Like everyone else up and down the country this gorgeous weather has thrown everyone into a phase of wardrobe dilemma- bring out the summery clothes? Or suffer slowly in your winter ones? Loved seeing what people have brought over the past few days to look stylish in the spring/summer trends. I decided it's still not quite hot enough to get both my legs and arms out so today I reached for my trusty play-suit and teamed it with tights. I got this at the beginning of last summer on an impromptu trip to the local TK Maxx with friends. I always used to be very cynical about TK Maxx, the one near me back home is pretty awful and stocks brands you have never heard of before. However, this one near my uni was amazingly well stocked and with plenty of things on offer. I snapped this up for £15- I love the bow and dot print whilst the white lacey trim gives it an extra something along with the flattering drawn in waistline.(I'm a sucker for patterns, prints and lace!)

Now when I see TK Maxx adverts promoting that they go "direct from the designer to you" I no longer grumble and instead get quite excited! Whilst this dress is made by a brand I had never heard of TK Maxx were stocking items like Hunter wellies (SQUEAL- very exciting to a country girl like me), Crew Clothing and an impressive selection of beauty and hair-care products. One of my best friends never ceases to amaze me when she tells me her latest cardigan, shoes etc are from there! If you want a bargain and are not after something too specific then TK Maxx really can be a rewarding shopping experience and it's nice knowing that not everyone will have what you are buying too!

I think the quality and the range of the products really does vary from store to store (I'm convinced Londoners get the best choice)! Have any of you bought any bargains in TK Maxx? Or are you a bit cynical like I used to be? xxx


  1. I love this dress it looks great on you!
    Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. Your playsuit is gorgeous, I love the colours. x

  3. My local TK maxx is a bit naff too but that playsuit looks fab!
    I tend to get handbags from TK maxx.

  4. That's a gorgeous playsuit! I've never been a bog fan of playsuits, but all you fashion bloggers wearing so beautiful ones are starting to convince me to try it for me :P

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  5. Cute playsuit, I love the lace detail. Yes, the weather is messing with my wardrobe too !

  6. This is so pretty! I love playsuits so much :) xx