Sunday, 25 March 2012

"Warm in the cold night air" - Rachel's week

Hi everyone! Rather than doing lots of mini little posts I thought I would collate this weeks happenings into one. Has everyone been enjoying the sunny weather this weekend? I had a lovely shop around Canterbury yesterday.

1) Obviously this isn't me! But I wanted to share with everyone how lovely my friend Alice looked on Friday night before she went out for the evening. I did her hair,  after several failed attempts at creating curls with straighteners on previous nights out we were adamant we would finally crack the technique.....and we did! It took a lot of patience but she looked great in the end.

2) + 3) These are my belated Valentines presents from my boyfriend that arrived yesterday! He asked way back in February what I wanted so I suggested a watch. The one that he initially got me though from Urban Outfitters was meant to have the letter 'R' on the face of the watch, instead they sent an 'F' after weeks of telephoning they finally said they didn't have any more watches with the 'R' (so annoying and a useless customer service department). But this is the happy ending, he found me an alternative and I now have this beautiful watch from ASOS (and the pretty earrings in pic 3 too- I'm a lucky girl).

4) This was my face of the evening for a meal out with friends on Thursday night, we had the most amazing Chinese and Indian food (all you can eat as well- BONUS for a greedy person like me!). I had dyed my hair the day beforehand and it has gone a lot darker than what I was actually hoping for, it's growing on me though! (I used Dark Chocolate by L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss). See pic below for my full outfit! It's difficult to tell from the picture but the skirt is actually covered in black sequins. I've had the skirt for years and never had a suitable top to wear with it but after re-discovering it last week I was adamant on wearing it so Alice kindly lent me the her white t-shirt from Topshop. Does anyone else have a sequin skirt? 

5) A pic of me and my friends out at the meal enjoying our cocktails (I decided to let my hair down after taking the initial pic in number 4 but it was the same night!).

6) These cheeky things have been keeping me going with my essay all week, the excuse of it practically being Easter seems to be just about justifying it. What are everyone's favourite sweet treat?

T-shirt: Topshop, Skirt: H+M, Necklace: Topshop, Bracelet: Urban Outfitters

Also I've recently got back into Twitter, if any of you want to follow me I'm @racheleprior xx


  1. Mini eggs help with every situation in life. Have a fab week, following you on twitter too =)

  2. I love those earrings! I wish my boyfriend could pick out such lovely eaarings for me!

    Sophie x

  3. love your friends dress!
    & your watch is so lovely , how nice of your bf (:
    love your blog, now following!
    mantenso xx

  4. your boyfriend got you some lovely presents! that watch is soo nice, very jel!

    Btw, I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award :) I love your blog and think you definitley deserve an award. If you want to look at my post about it it explains what to do next :) xx

    1. Thank you so much!! My post about it shall be coming later on today :) eeek very excited! xx

  5. Amazing blog, would you mind take a look at mine and maybe follow if you like it ? i follow everyone back!

    and please if you can like my blog on the facebook:

  6. Loving the watch and the plain white tee you are wearing is so cute -the pocket just gives it that extra something.

  7. Lovely post, craving for some mini eggs now!