Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Firstly I would like to thank (crikey I promise this isn't an Oscars speech) Bek over at Rose Paddle for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award! She has a lovely blog, I am an avid follower and I recommend you pay it a visit. Considering I've only been blogging since January this year which was on a complete whim I am overwhelmed that people read my little space of the internet and seem to enjoy it.

I love reading everyone's blogs and seeing what everyone is wearing, reading reviews. I had no idea how lovely the blogging community is, I really appreciate everyone's comments!

So now onto the 'rules' of the award:
  • Thank who nominated you with a link back to their blog (tick)
  • Reveal 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 9 blogs and pass on the award to them.
7 Facts about me!
  • I'm studying Classics and Archaeology at University after originally studying Business Administration and changing after 3 weeks (yes I know neither are related to fashion or beauty at all, but I love it!).
  • Only my closest friends know that I have started this blog as I want to keep it personal to me and fellow bloggers.
  • I have a cat called Ted and a dog called Mallon, Ted is convinced that he is a dog and the same size as Mallon.
  • I hate fizzy drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta etc!
  • My dream is to own a Mulberry handbag.....(one day!).
  • I'm pretty good at impersonating accents.
  • My favourite TV programmes are Homeland and New Girl.
My 9 recommended blogs:

There you have it, be sure to check all of these out, there is a real mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and baking! Thank you very much again to everyone who reads my blog :) xx


  1. Thanks for the award, lovely!

    Sophie x

  2. Thanks for the award sweetie !
    I'd love a mulberry bag too, there's just something about them (:

  3. Thanks for the lovely mention in your post :) xx

  4. Thankyiu for the award hunny, I've mentioned you in my latest post :)

  5. Congrad on the award...great blog indeed!
    New follower :)

  6. Congratulations! getting awards is always such a great feeling :) xx