Thursday, 12 April 2012

Great Dane's cheekbones, teenage hormones

I was so excited to make a cheeky trip into the Cath Kidston factory shop (that is in a corner of their distribution centre in St. Neots) on the way back from Devon today. It was full of fellow CK lovers like myself with the odd grizzly child (they are just too young to appreciate the gorgeous floral prints!!). I bought myself a new make-up bag as I have had my previous one for several years and felt I deserved an upgrade. I got mine for £8 and they normally cost £12 so it was enough of a saving for me to feel like I was getting a bargain. You should have seen me 'umming' and 'ahhing' over the differing prints I had to choose from! In the end I chose a pretty pinky rose and baby blue one, what do you think?

Also as a huge fan of seeing people do posts of what they have in their make-up bags and hand bags I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show what I have in mine and will now be housed in my gorgeous new Cath Kidston beauty! (I took the picture with my make-up laid out on my Cath Kidston duvet cover...can you tell I'm a bit of a floral addict?!).

  1. My Clinique eye shadow quad- my favourite out of these four is the pinky tone which can be darkened or lightened by the bottom two colours. I think less is definitely more with eye shadow.
  2. Rimmel 'Glam Eyes' liquid eyeliner- I am a HUGE fan of liquid eyeliner as it is far more defined and longer-lasting than my kohl eye pencils. Depending on what I'm up do determines how much I apply and how big the flick is at the corner of my eyes!
  3. 17 Pressed powder- This I apply on top of my foundation to give more of a 'matte' finish and evening it all out before I apply my blusher....
  4. Natural Collection Blusher in 'Rosey Glow'- once this runs out I am planning on getting a more expensive one as this just about does the job of highlighting cheek bones but isn't great.
  5. Clinique eye cream- on days when I'm feeling/looking a bit tired I just apply a few daps of this cream to under my eyes and instantly they perk up- it's an amazing product and great knowing I've got it for 'bad' days.
  6. Cath Kidston blusher brush- this comes from my set of Cath Kidston make-up brushes and is just the right size to apply my blusher.
  7. Collection 2000 kohl pencil- my simple kohl pencil if I'm going for the smoky eye look.
  8. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation- I bought this at the beginning of the year and I was really let down and have been waiting for it to run out ever since, it doesn't really give a 'matte' look and nor does it cover the skin really well and tends to go a bit oily.
  9. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation- this is my replacement for the Rimmel foundation as it is getting near to running out (hooray!) I actually tried blending them together and it turned out ok although I think that was probably because the Maybelline one is so good!
  10. Rimmel 'ScandalEyes' mascara- my sister recently recommended this mascara to me and I haven't been disappointed, I don't have the longest eyelashes in the world unlike my boyfriend who has ridiculously long ones it is unfair! So I am constantly on the look out (along with the majority of the female population) of a good mascara. Even with just one coat of this my eyelashes look longer- I'm a happy customer.
  11. No7 'Intense Volume' mascara- I tend to use this as a base coat for my Rimmel mascara and use this to highlight my lower eye-lid lashes as the other one has a huge brush and this is easier to reach tricky places.
  12. Soap & Glory eyeshadow duo- one of my best friends gave me this for Christmas and I was really pleasantly surprised by the product, you apply the lighter colour all over the eye-lid and apply the darker one to just above the eyelashes- creating an easy to achieve smoky eye look!
  13. Topshop 'Brighton Rock' lipstick- everyone knows how much I love this lipstick and it has become a staple product in my make-up routine.
  14. Korres lip balm in 'Quince'- for days when my lips are very chapped and in need of some TLC this perks them up in both colour (it is a lovely deep pink colour) and nourishes them too.
So there we have it- my make-up contents revealed, I am really surprised by the huge variety of brands that I have ranging from Clinique to Collection 2000. I'm gradually learning what products work well and what don't. If you have done a similar make-up bag contents revealed post I would love to see, please leave a link    xxx


  1. i adore your cath kidston makeup bag! so cute, i love cath kidston stuff :) xoxox

  2. I love the makeup bag and even better that it was a bit of a bargain!!

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  4. Amazing post dear!
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  5. Lovely the make-up bag, so damm cute! Also love the scandal eyes mascara, just run out myself so need to stock back up:(
    p.s I've tagged you in a post on my blog so feel free to check it out:-) x

  6. I love your cute little make up bag - I see the reason why you love florals;-)))

  7. Cute make up and I adore your post title, it's from the Vaccines song isn't it? <3

  8. Nothing wrong with florals =) You have got a massive range of brands in there!!

  9. All of those floral patterns are gorgeous :) You own some really amazing stuff!!

  10. I have a massive addiction to florals and Cath Kidston too! Love the make up bag!

    Sophie x

  11. I really want to try Korres lip balm! It has been on my wishlist for ages! x

  12. what a cute make up bag and love to see what you have in it! xoxo

  13. awww such a cute little bag!i love these kind of posts - im so nosey! x

  14. I'm yet to even own a Cath Kidston product! I really want to try the Korres lip butter

    ♥ Leigh

  15. Great post! I LOVE Soap and Glory. Your make up bag is so pretty! x

  16. love the makeup bag