Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Out of my comfort zone...

Blazer: Laura Ashley//Blouse and Shorts: H+M

For the past year and a bit at uni I've been dressing in my own clothes everyday and before that it was sixth-form where we were also allowed to wear what we wanted. So it's seemed a bit strange suddenly having to think about how to dress for the world of work. With only a year left at uni I need to start thinking about the wider world and get out of my comfort zone of jeans, cardigans, casual shorts, t-shirts and pretty dresses!

Tomorrow afternoon I've got an interview for an internship over the summer (eeek nerves are kicking in) as this afternoon I've been frantically rummaging through my drawers trying to find something to make me look a)employable and b)respectable and c)19 years old and not trying to dress beyond my years! Trust me it was harder than it sounds.

Luckily my sister came to the rescue and has lent me her new H+M paisley print shorts and blouse. I've teamed them up with my Laura Ashley blazer and I'm pretty pleased how it all looks together! So tried it all on (just to make sure and save me the trauma tomorrow in-case it didn't). I must admit I'm quite looking forward to going into a formal work environment (bit different to my part-time job in my local pub!).

What is everyone's 'go to' shop for their work wear? I think I am definitely tempted to start wearing slightly smarter clothes as I am getting a bit older! Fingers crossed tomorrow goes ok and I won't turn into a babbling wreck as I have done before in scary situations (i.e. my first driving test when I was so nervous I rambled on about my whole life story to the poor driving test man to the extent he asked me to stop talking!).

Also bit of a side note- two things I am loving at the moment- the website which you list your interests and it takes you to websites that contain that interest somehow! It's a fun way to discover websites you otherwise might not have even dreamt of existing (although WARNING it is a mega procrastinator tool, you can find yourself 'stumbling' for hours!!). Secondly I have recently discovered video blogging and more directly people having their boyfriend or brother do their make-up for them- hilarious to watch, I'm tempted to do my own! Do any of you go on or do you watch vlogs? xx


  1. Lovely outfit! Good luck for your interview...I'm sure you'll do really well! I love Next for workwear, especially blouses.

    Sophie x

  2. Those shorts are fab, good luck with your interview!

    joanne from

  3. The outfit looks lovely, the shorts are gorgeous! Hope your interview goes well!

    Gillian x

  4. Shorts are beautiful! I have a specific work shirt to wear so don't wear anything exciting to work. IT = loads of blokes = fashion isn't appreciated. Rubbish.
    Next and Zara always have nice work wear.

  5. Your outfit is lovely, hope the interview went well! xx

  6. Good luck lovely, you look gorgeous xxx

  7. The shorts are so nice! Hope the interview went well :) xx

  8. Such a chic yet hot outfit! Paisley shorts are lovely! And I hope your interview went well! Haha really!? Yeah small world indeed, canters isn't too bad though :) Sam xx

  9. Your shorts are lovely! Hope the interview went well x

  10. Love your shorts! I feel lucky that I don't work in an industry that requires me to dress smartly, I dress based on my mood to much! Hope the interview went well xx

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