Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tell me I'm your national anthem

Wow the notorious April showers are certainly sticking to tradition! I'm staying down in Devon this week with my grandparents, we went through a huge hail storm earlier! I seem to of resorted back to my winter wardrobe a little bit today by getting out my trusty cream knit jumper which is so warm. Also my sister curled my hair a little bit and this is how it came out- (excuse the bottom left one!!). I am loving my Topshop lipstick and wearing it literally every day now, you can see my review about it here.

To avoid the rain we went to the museum in Exeter today (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) which has recently re-opened, despite everyone having the same idea as us and taking their young screaming children along it was actually really good and with a wide variety of exhibitions. Being the classics nerd that I am my highlight was their art exhibition 'the road to Rome' which had some fabulous Italian paintings. 

We then went and had a nibble to eat in the Cathedral cafe (Exeter has a gorgeous cafe!), I've recently been carrying my camera around with me everywhere and I took these pictures-

I hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday, what are you all finding to do with the weather being a bit shower-y? Also I thought I would share with everyone this picture, I love Lana Del Rey so found it hilarious when I saw this!! xxx

picture source: here


  1. Omg how crazy was the weather today? I was driving for work and it was rain, hail, glorious sunshine! Mental.
    Have a fab week

  2. Your hair looks lovely curled! That Llama Del Rey picture is so funny!

    Sophie x

  3. hahaha! LLama del rey is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! :)

  4. hi sweet! please visit my new blog and follow if you want :)

    " ourmelodyblog.blogspot.com " xoxo

  5. AHAHAHHAAHHA ♥ llama Del Ray just made my day XD it's an instant follow from me..oh llama del ray....good one ♥ xx


  6. Llama del Rey! love it :) really lovely pictures, i love the one of the ceiling and the bottom left picture is really cute ! x

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    That is Chatsworth in my picture, we were lucky to go on a day that was so sunny. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Devon and the weather picks up for you. I used to spend all my summer holidays down there when I was a kid with my great aunt and uncle who lived there :) xx

  8. haha the horse pic is really funny!
    i like your blog very much ;)