Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Birthday Wishlist

I often think that there are two types of people in the world- those that make lists and those that don't! I am definitely in the list-making half as they often help me feel more organised. With my 20th birthday next month and exams over I reckoned it was the perfect excuse to start thinking about what I would like to get for my birthday (or dream of getting for some of the items)!

1) Biba purse this is stocked at House of Fraser for £69, as much as I love my current Cath Kidston one it has become a little tired looking and I'm after something a little more sophisticated.
2)Keratase- Cristaliste shampoo and conditioner. Being a huge fan of Kate Middleton (still feels strange referring to her as the Duchess of Cambridge) and her amazing hair when I found out she uses Keratase to look after her luscious locks I instantly decided I wanted to give their products a go. Their Cristaliste range is meant to give long hair a gorgeous shine.
3) Topshop blusher in 'Flush' for £6 I think this is quite a bargain as the quality of Topshop make-up is really quite decent.
4) American Apparel  Galaxy Glitter nail polish £9. I love the gorgeous large chunks of glitter in this polish and think it would give a really nice overall finish.
5) Benefit- Porefessional primer £23.50. I've heard lots of good things about this pore-reducing primer so despite it's rather steep price tag it's meant to be worth it and I really should own a primer by now!
6) Urban Decay- 'Naked 2' Palette I feel like the last girl in blogger world to own many different gorgeous shades to choose from that apparently blend together superbly and definitely warrant the £36 price tag.
7) Urban Outfitters shorts £35. As if I need any more shorts! But these really are so cute and I love how they have styled it with a cropped denim shirt.
8) Boutique at Topshop £48, this is a little on the expensive side for a poor student like myself to afford- hence why it's on my birthday list! My knitted jumper collection definitely has a white and blue striped pattern hole in it and I reckon this would be a really versatile piece.
9) Gilly Hicks undies £7 for one or £25 for five! If you haven't heard about the recent Gilly Hicks mania you must have been living under a rock!! Last week Gilly Hicks opened their new stores in Bluewater, Kingston and much to my delight at Westfield Stratford. Their underwear is so gorgeous!
10) Dune loafers £85. After finally saying a sad farewell to my long enduring brogues this week I was instantly online looking for a replacement and was seriously unimpressed by the likes of Topshop and River Island's offering. These beauties are by Dune and hopefully at £85 they are of a good quality (definitely a brown leather theme going on here with these and the Biba purse!).

So there you have it my rather ambitious birthday wishlist! Are any of you fellow list makers? Do you have any other good recommendations of what I could ask for? xxx


  1. that nail polish lokks amazing! so colourful :)
    Holly x

  2. That purse is lovely, and i love the dune shoes! I work for dune and I wish we sold them in our shop! xx

  3. Love the purse and shoes :)
    I do not yet own that palette either! xxx

  4. I'm definitely a list maker! I really want to try the Kerastase line as well, if Kate uses it then I'm all for it :) xx

  5. I am also definitely the list making type! Haha even if i don't always stick to them :P I have that Topshop blush in Flush, it's really lovely and super affordable (especially with student discount!). Also that nail polish is gorgeous :) xxx

  6. The middle row is exactly the kind of things I'd like, the nail varnish is too nice! Gotta love some sparkles, rainbow sparkles xxx

  7. I am definitely a list maker! Its my birthday next month and I have done exactly the same!
    Really enjoying reading your blog :)
    Courtney xx

  8. I am a list maker too! :) I hope that you get some of the things on your list if not all of them! :)

    Love, Rachel

  9. You need to own 5,6 and 8 in my honest opinion!!

  10. Lovely list, the biba purse is gorgeous. I really want a proper wallet, I just shove everything into a coin purse.

  11. Great list! The porefessional is great - really worth the price tag! :)
    I'm a list maker, too. It's so satisfying crossing things off xx

  12. Ooh, I like the Dune shoes. I love Dune.

    Kate x

  13. some cute choices, I'm a sucker for the topshop knickers with the cute bows on the sides and they're only 3 for a tenner! xx

  14. cool wishlist, the shoes and the jumper are def my faves :-) x

  15. i haven't got the naked pallet either! feel like im an alien in this blogging world without it! have to invest soon i think! xxx

  16. I so want the naked palette to!! Nice b-day wishlist!