Saturday, 19 May 2012

The luster of your bones, those arms that held you strong

Dress: H+M// Jacket: Primark// Shoes: New Look

This is definitely one of my favourite outfits at the moment (apologies for my hair looking a slightly odd shade in the picture-I'll blame the setting sun!) as the dress is lovely and light but as it's sleeveless I'm teaming it with cardigans and my good old denim jacket for now until summer arrives. The dress came with a belt made from the same material as the dress but I've swapped it for one of my brown ones as I prefer the contrast and it breaks the pattern up a tad.

It's nice to be back home and enjoying the luxuries of things such as baths and a bottom-less fridge! Yesterday I went shopping with my Mum and was amazed by the current clothes in Primark, I bought a LOT, most of my purchases were blouses and dresses- SUCH a girl! Anyone else impressed with Primark at the moment? I'm thinking of doing a haul type post (which I've never done before) to show you all!

I was also on the look out for a replacement for my Clinique 3-Step products which have nearly run out, as much as I love their products I thought that there is no harm in trying other alternatives now that I have got myself into a stricter face-care routine. After spending a very long time in Boots I ended up leaving with these 3 products- 

I bought the Boots' own range anti-redness serum as my skin has the annoying habit of reacting to certain products. This is meant to "instantly calm irritable red and sensitive skin, which used daily will help improve your skin's protective barrier and leave it feeling soft smooth and comfortable" and the verdict? So far so good! For around £5 (sorry I've lost the receipt and can't remember the exact cost) I thought it's definitely worth a go.

The 2 Simple products were their 'Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser' which is somewhere in-between a liquid and a gel. It's meant to basically treat my skin to the vitamins and nutrients it needs but with gentle ingredients (plus it has a lovely soothing smell). The other is a facial scrub and named their 'Clear skin oil balancing facial scrub' which like the cleanser is packed with vitamins but also contains Witch Hazel a natural anti-bacterial to stop pesky break-outs! I bought the whole lot for £10 as Boots were offering 3 for 2 across face care products. 

Do any of you use 'Simple' products? Hope you are all having a lovely weekend xxx


  1. I love the dress! Pretty outfit. I use simple products, I love the moisturiser they do! xx

  2. Simple skincare is really good and is one I always go back to.

  3. Gorgeous dress! I always have to pair a dress with a little belt too :) And I may have said it before but I do believe we have the same denim jacket?! haha :')
    I love Simple products, I use their anti-blemish moisturizer religiously xxx

  4. Lovely denim jacket! I love that the photos are taken in the garden as well, so pretty xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Dunno the simple brand, I don't think we have it in Spain. Love your dress with the denim jacket, always works! Kisses

  6. lovely outfit- your dress is really pretty xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit & the setting is so pretty.
    The jacket is cute (:
    My favourite Ben Howard track at the moment is Move Like You Want To.
    Thank you so much for entering my giveaway !

  8. I really like Primark at the moment too- I've been buying as much of my holiday wardrobe as possible from there in case the British weather reverts to normal and I have to spend the rest of the summer in jumpers! A nice light denim jacket is still eluding me, might have to search for this one xx

  9. Lovely outfit! And what a gorgeous song to accompany it by!

  10. Lovely outfit, I love denim jackets!xx