Monday, 20 August 2012

Bonjour ou Au Revoir?

credit: pinterest

Hi everyone, just a little note to say I'm going to be away from blogging for the next week or so as I'm off on holiday tomorrow to the South of France. My nails are painted, my bikini is packed and I'm really looking forward to just relaxing in the French sunshine and reading my book. Will be taking pics of my outfits and where I visit to share with you all when I'm back. Think I'm going to miss blogging and having a daily read of my favourite blogs but I'll be back soon. Bye for now.....

P.s anyone else always struggle to fit everything into their suitcase?!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, I think every girl ALWAYS struggles to fit everything in their suitcase. Whether you go away for a weekend or a month.
    xo Natasha

  2. Have a wonderful holiday Rachel, I am so very jealous! xx

  3. oooh wow i'm totally jealous! okay, it's been 11 days since you wrote this and i guess you're home again. i hope you had an awesome time, south france is just beautiful and i loved the time i spent there- wanna go back now haha x

  4. Hope you've had an amazing time!! Also I've only just seen your tweet about the revlon lip stain, I'm so sorry it didn't come up at the time, my twitter has just refreshed with a load of tweets from weeks ago which I've never seen! So I'm so sorry I didn't reply!x

  5. Hope your having an amazing time! Make sure to post all about it!