Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Afternoon tea at The Ritz

I was extremely lucky to be treated to an amazing experience of afternoon tea at The Ritz by my boyfriend for my Christmas present. Due to the popularity of its famous tea and cakes the waiting list went on until early January so yesterday we spent our afternoon being treated like royalty and eating delicious sandwiches, pastries and scones.

With a strict smart dress code I wore this dress with a cardigan for added warmth and Reiss wore a shirt, tie and suit. I had hoped to wear heels but I knew walking around London beforehand it wouldn't have been a good idea! 

The Ritz say that they do permit photography but they ask for it to be discreet so I didn't get too many pictures but here are some that I managed to get:

Me at the entrance to the 'Palm Court' which is where the afternoon tea is held. 
Our table with our stand of sandwiches (which were constantly being replenished by the lovely waiters) and cakes. The scones are out of shot.

We had a lovely time and agreed it was such an amazing experience and one we certainly won't be forgetting for a while. It was our two year anniversary together at the weekend as well so there was plenty to celebrate! The service was absolutely incredible- you were made to feel special but not out of place and they were attentive without being interfering. This is the website incase you fancy having a look (or are curious to book it yourself!) here

Where have you had an amazing experience of afternoon tea?


  1. This is so so so lovely, I want to do this! Happy anniversary, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :) xxx

  2. Wow this looks amazing, what a perfect present :)


  3. I'm so glad you had a lovely time- you look beautiful! Congratulations on your 2 years too! It'd be lovely to meet you soon! : ) xx

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  5. Oh it looks beautiful! I wanted to take my aunty here for her 50th birthday but it was all booked up, so we went to Claridges instead. Hope you had a great day!

    Jen xx

  6. Oh wow this sounds so lovely! I'd love to go.

  7. Oh this is a fantastic present! Looks amazing :) xx

  8. Love this post, Rachel! I've always wanted to go for afternoon tea at The Ritz...how lovely of your boyfriend!

    Sophie xx

  9. Lucky you this is such a treat! The polkadot skirt is cute, perfect for afternoon tea :)

  10. Wow it looks like you had a wonderful day :) your outfit is absolutely stunning xxx

  11. Gorgeous! Looks like you had a great day too! Jealous
    LaceyLoves x

  12. Cute!

    xo Jennifer


  13. Ooh looks like you had such a great time xxx

  14. such a chic outfit :)


  15. This outfit is fu+king amazing! love it!!! <3

    If u have any free time, please check out my new blog. <3