Sunday, 20 January 2013

Battle of the Hot Cloth Cleansers: Liz Earle vs. Soap & Glory

After hearing so much praise for hot cloth cleansers at the end of last year I decided to give them a whirl myself. I started off with Soap & Glory's offering: 'The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser' which promises to "cleanse, smooth and melt away make-up" and boasts having panthenol (no, I don't know what that is either...), sweet almond and orange and lavender oils in it's ingredients. It came with a muslin cloth too. 

However, after using it for about three or four days I started to notice how dry my cheeks were looking and found that I was still having to remove my eye make-up separately after using the cleanser as it was too strong on my eyes. NOT things I was looking for in a supposed 'holy grail' of beauty. I do have quite sensitive skin BUT not to the extent that I expect products to literally remove that top layer of skin!

So the next weekend when I found myself in John Lewis I bought Liz Earle's 'Cleanse and Polish: Hot Cloth Cleanser' which like Soap & Glory's one contained natural ingredients such as: rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil. I was overwhelmed by how much more gentle the scent of the Liz Earle one was compared to the very perfumed Soap & Glory product. I know Soap & Glory are famous for their great smelling products but the one for the hot cloth cleanser just seemed a little too over-powering.

Here is both products swatched on my hand:

Don't they look really similar in appearance! Soap & Glory's has somewhat more of a 'sheen' than Liz Earle's. So then I trialed Liz Earle's for a week and I was overwhelmed by the fact that: 1) ALL of my make-up including mascara came off, 2) It wasn't too harsh on my eyes, 3) My skin didn't go too dry and 4) Just how smooth my skin felt after use.

So this is my final opinion of the products before revealing the winner (in my opinion!)

Soap & Glory
1) Scent: 7
2) Make-up removing ability: 6
3) Gentleness on skin: 4
4) Packaging: 7
5) Price: 8
6) Overall score: 6

Liz Earle
1) Scent: 9
2) Make-up removing ability: 10
3) Gentleness on skin: 9
4) Packaging: 9
5) Price: 7
6) Overall score: 9

Liz Earle is the overall winner for me due to the product being more gentle yet arguably more effective on my skin which is what I was looking for in a hot cloth cleanser. But if you have more resilient skin than me and like your products really perfumed then Soap & Glory's might be perfect for you!

Do you use either of these products? Or do you have another favourite hot cloth cleanser?



  1. Oh wow I didn't know S&G did a hot cloth cleanser but I'll surely be trying out Liz Earle's after your review. :)xx

  2. I might have to try the Liz Earle one out now!
    Lovely blog! Followed!
    Check out mine sometime? :-)

  3. I love the Liz Earle cleanser but I also love the NO7 hot cloth cleanser! :)

  4. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

  5. I've used both and didn't have any problems with s&g. Shame you did. I prefer Liz Earle though.